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This screenshot shows the review volume in the top time range, restaurant manager can use brushing to filter data by a specific time range. The calendar view shows reviews by day, the greener the square, more positive the review.

The list of words below the calendar view are the top words used by reviewers on Yelp for that restaurant.The word tree shows a weighted visualization of reviews. Manager can search for a specific term that they are interested in using the search text box, or just click on the the popular word to create a wordtree with that as the root.

By applying all filters(time range, word of interest) if any, this view shows restaurants nearby with reviews for those restaurants for the selected tree word.

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, satisfying customers is of prime importance. In this project, we use restaurant reviews from Yelp, to assist restaurant owners and managers make meaningful inferences about their business and customer satisfaction. We explore three key dimensions of the restaurant business, namely product, delivery and environment. Through text processing and sentiment analysis of reviews, we build an interactive dashboard to visualize food quality, service and physical environment.

This dashboard is being designed for the role of the restaurant owner/ manager, whose job is to ensure profitable business and customer satisfaction, by monitoring food quality, service and physical environment. Food quality includes a number of attributes such as menu items variety, taste, freshness and presentation. Service includes interactions with waiting staff, time to serve dishes, and physical environment is the ambience and cleanliness of the restaurant space.

●The restaurant manager should be able to monitor reviews over time, especially for negative reviews in order to investigate and take corrective measures. Also, while not accurate, reviews may suggest business trends over time.
● Through text analysis of the reviews, the restaurant manager can compare what menu items customers are talking about. If there is a dish that has several positive reviews and what dishes are part of negative reviews. Based on this, the manager may decide to change/modify the menu.
● Get an overview of how restaurant with similar cuisine/ business model are doing.
● Comparison of all restaurants within a certain geographical location
● Get an idea of positive and negative reviews businesses received about certain food, and compare it with competitors within certain time period.

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