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MHP has recently upgraded to using smartphone app to collect data for evaluation purposes. Rather than using paper, which must be hand coded and entered, this saves the organization time and resources.

Research and Synthesis

5-Why Analysis:


Key Issues:


  • Less eye contact during interaction with clients
  • Clients becoming impatient because of the time it takes to collect data
  • It also depends on if this is a long standing relationship or reaching out to a new client/community member, as well as where/when the interaction takes place(e.e. at a health fair, job site where time is limited vs. a sit down conversation with someone in their home)
  • Data collection is time consuming, and a lot of data is specific to funders.


Based on the research, we understood the limitations of paper forms and why MHP wanted to use technology. We decided to focus on linking TRUST with TECHNOLOGY and make the experience more engaging for the target population, and also brainstorm over the process of data collection itself.

Highlights from Brainstorming activity:

  • Make technology appear more friendly... a survey waterbottle that contains a set of buttons and transmits data back over GPS. Yes, this was a crazy idea !
  • We learnt that MHP used a lot of data that did not require personal identification, so we suggested collecting minimal data from the visits, data which cannot be obtained or inferred in other wyas.
  • For programs involving healthy nutrition habits, we suggested analysing data collected from local produce stores, which could suggest eating habits.
  • We proposed to make the mobile app move visual, and multi-lingual as a large part of the target population were spanish speaking.This could make the experience more engaging.
  • FEEDBACK- Provide information about how the data collected will be used for the welfare of the community.


hari [at] haridecoded [dot] com